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Programmable Spray Lubricator

The Programmable Spray Lubricator complements Mark One's renowned line of Blankwashers. The unit is used to apply precision oil coatings to blanks providing efficient processing through the stamping operations.

Programmable Spray Lubricator
Less Than 7 Inches Wide!!
The Programmable Spray Lubricator (re-oiler) operates in conjunction with a Blankwasher, as a stand-alone unit or incorporated into the destacking and press loading equipment.

  • Applies Precision Coatings
    • Top Only, Bottom Only, Both Top & Bottom
    • Specific Points
    • Pass-Thru
  • Increase Production
    • Solves Forming Problems
    • Extends Die Life
    • Eliminates Housekeeping Problems
  • Minimum Footprint
    • Less Than 7 Inches Wide!!
    • Retro Fit Into Existing Operations
  • Benefits
    • Minimize Fluid Consumption
    • Lubricate Only Where Needed
    • Heavier Concentration For Problem Areas
    • Easy to Program

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Mark One's Programmable Spray Lubricator is designed to be integrated into the control system of the destacking and press loading equipment controls, press controls or with an independent control system.

Please contact Mark One for more detailed information and recommendations regarding your application.

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